African Fashion: South African fashion brand 'MAAlXHOSA' releases it's AW17 collection

MAXHOSA celebrates five years since established as a fashion brand since 2012, since then the brand has compelling times and have been celebrated as one of the leading brands in Africa. They decided to collaborate with African fashion influencers "Trevor Sturrman" and "Kefilwe Mabote" to present this mind blowing project and collection for our viewing pleasure.

The AW17 collection features the best selling patterns MAXHOSA has innovated over the past five years. Now that MAXHOSA has transcended from infancy stage to established heights, the brand is now ready to reign as a leading fashion and lifestyle brand in Africa.

The collection seeks to imagine an Utopian scenario of how an authority that support would dress up like during Xhosa king and queen's coronation in the current day and age.