Travel and Lifestyle: 5 Reasons why you should hangout at Subterranea Lounge

Living in the city of Lagos is one of the best things that have happened to me all my life, or let's just say it's the best place I've enjoyed living in the most so far, because who knows if I'm still going to end up discovering even better cities across the world. Last week an old friend of mine "Umar" came visiting me and while discussing and catching up on old times, we started talking about the places we've both been to either to relax or for business purposes. So he mentioned this one lounge called the "Subterranea" which shares the same building as "SPAR" in the Ilupeju area of Lagos.
He explained that the lounge which happens to be situated at a strategic point at the basement of SPAR shopping mall had a lot of side attractions which will keep both people looking for spots to unwind and relax after a hard day's work and also fashion lovers running over to visit the spot.
I started to wonder why I myself who lives closer to this area don't know about this amazing spot even though I try to claim that I know the best places to go to for a great time out in the city of Lagos. Without too much talking and arguments, we both decided to head out there to hangout the next day with a few other friends of ours. Sunday evening came the next day and I decided to put on something quite simple but with some style, so I chose a print shirt which I recently got styled by my stylist. 
On getting there and opening the glass doors into Subterranea lounge, my jaws couldn't but drop because it was way beyond what I had expected. 
1. Happy Coffee stand was the very first place my silly eyes landed where various mouth watering coffees of different types were being served. 
Image source: @happycoffeenigeria
3. The grill where chicken wings and breasts were being roasted was sadly not functioning when we went so we had to head out to the mall to grab a few things to nibble while we chatted along.

4. While you're busy enjoying your time out there and suddenly get out of gists, you can decide to play a few games which have been prepared specially for customers such as chess, monopoly, dice game and also Ayo.
5. What I love most about this lounge is how they got to combine fashion with relaxation. Yoruba people have a saying which goes "The strength we have on the inside, is what we use in carrying ourselves on the outside", anyone who comes into the Subterranea either want to grab a quick drink and leave or wants to drink and also relax. So I feel once you're well relaxed and relieved of the day's stress, you'll get to remember that you need to get yourself a few fashionable stuffs. And that's when you get the urge to explore the few pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories which they have in the Subterranea lounge. If you look closely in the lounge, you will get to see a few notable designs like JZO bespoke men's clothing, 24 casual snap backs and underwear as well as a number of other brands which are very eye catching.

So, if you're ever close to the Ilupeju area of Lagos with your squad and you need a serene ambience to hangout with your team simply walk in to SPAR Mall and ask for the Subterranea Basement Lounge.
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  1. Thanks for the guide bro. For those who don't know where Spar mall is. You could give more details about the road/street.

    Lovely post though. Cheers

    1. Oh thank you Michael, I'll update the post with those details once i can. Thanks for stopping by

  2. The manager really aimed at solving hundred problems at once. His business school must have cost a lot. A cloth store? I know very few lounges that have one. The games idea is a good one, and the corner for drinks has nice capacity. The place looks comfortable I must say

    1. Lol, I guess the manager is simply good at these sort of things. And yes the whole concept of the place is just awesome and best experienced with friends.

  3. Wow!! This lounge is super cool! I see myself chilling out here.

    1. Didi my fellow night crawler 😂, feel free to chill there in your dreams ooo


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