Adding a touch of Ankara Choker to your outfit

Picture Via @ofuure
Asides the regular necklaces & pearls you have in your trinket box, chokers are the new elegant accessory you should totally add to your outfit.

Now that Chokers are back in vogue you can find them on lots of fashionistas around. This Chokers comes in various types types of fabric e.g velvet, leather, gold, wrap, Ankara and many others that gives you that absolutely glamorous look.
Picture Via @mocheddah
Our main focus is on the Ankara print Chokers which adds an edge to your monotonous wardrobe and will also make your friends wish they tried it on first 😁😁

The Ankara Choker happens to be one of the many fashion trends that reached it's peak in 2016 and still promises to continue trending.

You can make a matching Ankara Choker from the fabric of the Ankara dress you plan on wearing to give it that contemporary stylish look 😉😉

How do you get to keep up with a fashion trend that keeps growing by each passing day without breaking your bank? You apply the DIY - Do it yourself!

Picture Via @jenniferamani
If you're looking to create your own Ankara Choker here are the essential things you will need -
Essentials for DIY: Needle and Thread or Fabric glue, Sewing hooks and scissors 👌

You can cut a slight bit of Ankara fabric from that of which you want to sew as a dress to make a matching Choker as an accessory which fits in easily with the dress. But make sure it is long enough to go around your neck and then add sewing hooks to both ends.

Ultimately the Ankara Choker helps you save more and at the same time look stylish for you can make your desired Choker from home at your convenience.

What are you waiting for? Start cutting little inches of fabric from your Ankara to make yours 🔥