Deola Shay Faari, Designer of African Inspired Fashion Accessories

Introducing Deola Shay Faari, the creative brain behind the brand that produces stylish fashion accessories with African inspired patterns.

We've come across thousands of wonderfully made African inspired designs from blouses to gowns and dresses, and even fashion accessories made from the Ankara print fabrics like Chokers, head wraps and ties, but never have we come across such a versatile brand like that of Deola shay faari.

This brand produces the very best of African designs and accessories from trinket boxes to purses and many other amazing stuffs.

We had the privilege of seeing a couple of her African inspired products which wowed us completely. Have you ever seen a trinket made from African inspired fabric and patterns? Well, today you will because we rooted out this creative fashion designer from out of Nigeria who produces them.

Deola's file holders, trinket boxes and purses are all one of a kind and the first we've ever seen which are made from African patterned prints for every woman who cherishes the African culture.

She produces some awesome kinds of women's footwear and slippers with specially selected African patterns with white souls beneath which can be worn out on a stress free day for a casual yet cultural look. Deola shay faari also produces colorful throw pillows and hand bags with various amazing colors.

Why don't you check her out and see for yourself? Find Deola on Instagram: @dehollar_shay_faari

Deola Shay Faari
Deola Shay Faari