Travel: Watching the Sunrise in the City of Lagos

Waking up on Sunday morning feeling so tired and unable to go to church all because of the stress I went through back on Saturday had me sitting in my living room for some moments, wondering what I'm going to do with the last day of the weekend. After contemplating on what to and not do, I decided to head out of my living to the compound to watch the sunrise and drink in the beauty from the experience. 
I wish you readers could have seen how beautiful and radiant the sun was while still trying to come up in it's full round shape. I thought of how my Cameroonian friend "Cynthia" of "ModemaisonPR" usually captures amazing images and moments from her trips across the world and how she shares these photos with her followers and readers on her Instagram feed. This had me thinking that I shouldn't be stingy by staring at the sunrise all to myself, but to also capture this moment for you my readers and friends so you can at least enjoy the view with me and have a feel of what I was feeling that very moment.
So, I went back inside and put on a suitable short for a few walk around my street and down to the street after mine, taking the best pictures I could of the sunrise on this beautiful Sunday morning with my 2 weeks old Infinix Hot 4 Lite smart phone. 

I could only capture 3 awesome images and here they are this article. I will appreciate your sincere feedback on how good you think I did the photographs.


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