How to Best Style like Omoniyi Makun

Omoniyi Makun, Founder and creative director of "Yomi Casual" fahsion label is one of the best dressed Nigerian celebrities i've come across so far. I've always been envious of his looks from his native kaftans to his smart casual looks of shirt and Ankara print pants. I feel his sense of fashion is way over the top for all his outfits are always nailed down to the last detail.

He blocks colors effortlessly in most of his outfits and his confidence in his body is one other essential thing i envy him for. Yomi will rock slim fitted kaftans, killing it with well tailored pants of a different colors, and then nails it all with either a sneaker or smooth sandals.

If you want to be able to come out in Yomi Makun's kind of look, you will have to do a couple of things; Pay attention to physical appearance first by burning unwanted fat around your body, remember Yomi comes out in smart casual outfits and you can't look that good with your body looking obese.

Once you've gotten those taken care of, the next thing is to go shopping and pay attention to the kind of colors you feel comfortable wearing. Have them designed for you and well fitted just as it is with Yomi most of the time, or you can best book an appointment with the boss himself so he can hook you up with those amazing African inspired designs of his.

Now, that you've got the clothes your footwear are the next essential things you will have to go for. If you're styling in the Yomi Casual outfit, you best go for a pair of well made shinny leather slippers or sandals for a sharp appearance. You can simply kill it all with a pair of Brogues shoe for a smarter look you know?

Personally I won't mind meeting him for styling lessons for he's the boss when it comes to smart African inspired outfits.


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