How to Style Denim Shorts (Women)

Dear denim, what can we ever do without you in fashion the trend? Denim easily finds it's way into most of our outfits regardless of the season or the type of look we're presenting. 

Today we're focusing on the versatility of the denim shorts. It's very easy to style and fits into any outfit. 

Summer is here already and it seems to be the best option for this kind of weather since most people will want to put on something they feel comfortable wearing. A combination of Dashiki and denim shorts together with a pair of leather slipper's can give you a stylish Afrocentric appearance.

And you can also go for a more modern look with a plain t-shirt and your denim pants and then finish up the combo look with your sneakers for a more urban look.

Due to robust nature, denim shorts might not be a very comfortable option for people with larger bodies, but that's not a problem of you can apply the DIY (Do It Yourself). 

We suggest you go into that closet of yours and bring out those old denim you think might be out of fashion. Measure it up to a few inches above your knees and cut it out. You can decide not to fold the tattered part below so as to give it a touch of ripped look which is fabulous or you can also get it folded up then sewing it together. It all depends on how you like it.

See style inspirations below for how to rock your denim shorts