Mom Jeans? Hell yes - Pull them on like a Street Style Star

The mom jeans are now fully back in the fashion trend with a rage after being out of the fashion scenes for a few decades.

Mom Jeans which goes as high as the waist, often distressed and straight legged jeans are everything as you can see them on street style stars from New York to

Milan and Paris, bringing out that sexy glamorous look in every fashionista rocking it. The mom jeans are now back in trend to help you break up with your skinny jeans which you're always shimmying into.

These mom jeans gives you an hourglass shape when worn with a blouse well tucked into the jeans. It helps you flaunt those curves effortlessly. It's best worn with killer heels or nicely made sneakers to give it that total slayer look.

Here are a few style inspirations below to help you through selecting your favorite look.