Musing on Kaelot Accessories Tribal Patterned Tie

I'm not one of those guys who are into the cooperate style thingy like suits and ties, but me bumping into this tribal patterned tie by "Kaelot's Accessories" Via Instagram made my heart somersault a number of times. I mean, who makes such cool stuff? Setting my eyes on this tribal tie gave me a rethink of wanting to switch from my usual casual t-shirt and denims to a more sophisticated suit and tie look.

You can definitely see the difference between this tie and the usual silk ones most of you guys are used to wearing. I feel it can be worn to work on a Friyaay kinda day when your boss is in a more cool and calm state, and he might even inquire about where you purchased such cool accessory from *winks*.

For me, i will prefer rocking this cool stuff on a weekend kind of a day, with a combination of white shirt and deep blue denim, then complete the combo look with a smooth Brogue shoe or Adidas sneakers.

You can see how much daydreaming i've been doing all because of this one stylish tribal patterned tie by Kaelot's Accessories. It's funny how small things can be so on point and make such a bold fashion statement on an outfit.

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