Style Attack by Mervyn Ojukwu


My post today is cruising the up close and personal way to style your floral print which is actually the detail of today's post.

Floral prints are reincarnated  styles that started from the early 80s, floral prints can be worn to any occasion be it a church service , a  fashion show,a weekend get away or so... it can be styled in a safe manner by
mixing the floral print with safe colors such as white, black ,grey and so on, in other for you to avoid fashion drama.

The detail of today's post travels through nature and its bliss and its so fun and fab to rock mother nature

How can I style my floral print?

We have so many ways a floral print
can be sewed and styled.
It can be sewed  as a Suit ,a pant either a palazzo, skinnies, boot cut, baggy , shirt , etc
A floral print shirt can be styled with a single ripped jeans or a dark colored palazzo... if the floral print contains light colors style with a dark color
While, floral pants should be styled with a shirt or a T-shirt basically a long sleeve,if you want to style a floral print with a short sleeve make sure its plain and you have it tucked in ..if its tucked out then its a fashion mishap

P.S : if your plain short sleeve is a safe color you can either tuck it in or out

Let's all try floral print they are fun to wear!!