Styling African Print Dungaree

Dungarees have been in trend since I can remember.

They come in different designs, dungaree dress or pinafore, Dungaree shorts, Dungaree overalls and in different colors too black,navy blue etc.

We also have the Denim Dungaree in fact denim is the most popular and might I dare say the 'original' Dungaree but my focus is on the African Print Dungaree, yes! Styling the African print dungaree.

Styling the African print dungaree can be quite tricky,this is due to the beautiful splash of colors our African Print designs come in.

Here are few pictures showing you how to rock the African print Dungaree:

1. A white shirt, blue African print and black shoes does no wrong for that Casual Friday Office look.

2. African Print Dungaree dress:This style can be rocked to that Church service or to the office.

Do not limit yourself to this style though,African print dungarees can still be rocked in different styles even with denim,yes! I said it with denim (little secret,that might just be my next post). 

Keep portraying the AFRICANESSÉ in you!!!