Styling Ripped Jeans for Men

Ripped jeans has been in the fashion trend for quite a while but most people find it quite hard styling it into their outfits so they probably just leave it laying in their closet.

You might assume torn jeans are difficult to style, but that’s because you’ve never been shown how or not shown properly anyway. Well, that’s all about to change. You can be styling them in no time as they’re versatile, easy to wear and adds a bit of edgy individuality to your look.

To add a maximized effect on your ripped jeans, we will suggest you pairing it up with a plain simple shirt and combo of clean sneakers or best smash it with a pair of boots for a casual look.

Don't complicate the look by over dressing on the ripped jeans for it will look quite unnatural. We're trying to present an effortless look here, not try hard.

To incorporate a smarter look to your ripped jeans, we will suggest you wearing an Oxford shirt which will distract people from your distressed jeans and call more attention to your top. Now you can finish up that look with a Brogue shoe or best Chelsea boots to complete the smart casual look.See images below for style inspiration on ripped jeans.