Wearing Iro and Buba for a Sophisticated and Trendy Look

Wearing the native iro and buba to Nigerian occasions is highly appreciated mostly in the Lagos part of the country. It easily brings out that contemporary sophisticated side of every woman rocking it from the young curvy women to the glam mamas who won't want to retire off the fashion game for the new bloods to shine.

Each pair of iro and buba can be made from various colorful fabrics such as Ankara, Laces, Adire, aswell as various silk fabrics with beautiful patterns as seen on fashionistas into glamorous designs to bring out that one stylish look.


Once you've gotten your iro and buba ready, a pair of nicely made heels will completely nail your final appearance, but don't forget, you still need your Gele (headgear) and Ipele to put the finishing touches to your look, because you never know if this one event is where you will finally meet your Knight in shiny armor.

Well, if you rock this traditional style often you will know that there's one single important detail missing so far - Your necklaces. The outfit can best be completed with pearls and beads of various beautiful colors like red, green, yellow etc depending what you like. 

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Now who says the iro and buba is only for the African women? Even white women slay in the iro and buba effortlessly for some of them appreciate the African heritage.

Wearing the iro and buba to some occasions can also be your lucky charm at certain types of events because it can save you a plate of nicely made Pounded yam and spicy Egusi soup with assorted meats and eron igbe *winks*.

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