Best Dressed Male Fashion Enthusiast of the Week

 They say our individuality lies in the details of our clothes and our souls. You can tell the kind of individuality each man possesses from the kind of clothes he wears.

Last week I came across Brandon Bryant when he hit the like the button on 3 different posts on my Instagram page. I couldn't but feel absolutely joyous because for an Entrepreneur and Fashion enthusiast of his type to have visited my timeline, I felt I must have been dueling on the right part.

So I took it upon myself to get some fashion inspiration from this man with so much extreme style, by going through his Instagram gallery. On my visit to his page, I found so many amazing looks and outfits which were way above what I expected, but this outfit was the one which caught my attention the most.

He wore this green jacket street style worthy jacket on round necked t-shirt and decided to blocked the colors with blue striped pants to fit. You would have thought he would finish off the look with something like
brown pair of Brogue shoes, but no, he decided to go for brown shoes which showed how versatile he can be when it comes to men's fashion.

Thumbs up Brandon, you're the boss when it comes to smart men's fashion.