Fashion travel: Gozle green AW17 collection IBO MASK

Gozle Green is a brand owned by Nigeria twin sisters Sylvia and Olivia. They are popularly known for their majestic use and combination of fashion and art as their collection gives a good explanation of the story they are trying to illustrate.

Their Autumn Winter 2017 collection which is titled " Ibo Mask" illustrates the masquerade and childhood experiences,this collection which stared super model Uju Marshall gives a vivid explanation of village festivals and rituals mostly the ones concerned with Mmakwu (Masquerade) To illustrate their relationship and give a flash back to their childhood days at this village rituals the twin used sunshades ,long handed bags, wool shoes and long free gowns with the ibo mask illustrated at the front of the outfits.

This collection also got featured at Lfdw AW17 exhibition at red door gallery

What more can we ask of this superb collection?