"I'm Impressed by Nigeria's cultural heritage and art" says CNN's anchor Richard Quest

CNN anchor, Richard Quest known for his travels across nations from all over the world is currently on a visit to Nigeria this week and he's been taking his time to drink in and appreciate the Nigerian culture.

The CNN International anchor and reporter who finally came back on a visit to Nigeria after 10 years of his last visit to the country visits popular art gallery "Nike Art Gallery" situated in the Elegushi area of Lekki in Lagos. On his visit there, he was gifted an African print attire called Adire which was sewn into an Agbada style. He took multiple pictures of himself in the African print and shared 4 of them on his Twitter page earlier yesterday and captioned it "How do I look in my outfit from ? Impressed by Nigeria's cultural heritage and art. ". This picture went viral instantly as it brought more awareness to the outstanding cultural background of Nigeria as a whole.

He went on to taste the Nigerian Jollof rice and also jokingly tweeted about the Nigerian Vs Ghana Jollof war saying "
Jollof Rice. Delicious. Ghana or Nigeria? Which is best? I ain't getting involved in the ". He also went on to visit the busy Oshodi area which is mostly filled with various people hustling and bustling around the city finding their way to work or daily activities. We don't know how long he will be staying in the country but so far, we know he's been having a wonderful time here in the country.

Image source: Twitter