Orange Culture's two toned sheer agbada is a bomb!

The Androgynous brand "Orange Culture" which is owned by a Nigerian 'Adebayo Okelawal' is popularly known for their creative and abstract reformation of fashion trends, Adebayo makes his brand stand out in the fashion industry by making his collections logical and creative.

This brand just released their two toned sheer agbada - a local trend/outfit which originated from the western region of Nigeria.

The trend has been in existence for a very long time and it has been the newest sensation in local fashion for quite some time now.

It can be worn to several occasions such as traditional wedding ceremonies , festivals,etc

Orange Culture reincarnates creativity in his just released piece and makes it easier for creatives to slay during these events

This brand really slayed this local trend with a touch of urban sensation and a drop of creativity!
Let's not forget this beautiful photographer 'Lakin Ogunbanwo' who created a beautiful picture of the perfect illustration between urban fashion ,local fashion and art. I mean what's a collection /piece without a touch of art?