We're totally digging the 'Sway Black' outfit by "Rocky African Clothing"

African inspired fashion and designs are the coolest things in the fashion industry both home and abroad for the past few years and we keep seeing amazing new designs in best patterns and fabrics both on the internet and magazines. Today, we're looking at Rocky African Clothing's creative director and founder "Haruna Adamu" nick named "Rocky" as he exquisitely styles in one of his newest designs which is called the Sway Black outfit.

The fabrics used in this design was the first thing that caught our attention as it was very eye catching and of the finest quality. The top was styled in two colors of black and grey which came in a slim fitted long sleeved arms with essential details of cufflings thereby adding a touch of class to the look.

The pants were well styled into slim pairs so as fit in with the pair of Yeezy sneakers he was putting on giving the look some casual feel unlike the usual shoes we see people wearing on it. We can only but give this stylish boss a thumbs up for his terrific sense of fashion. 

See more of the look below.