African Print X OTK Boots: Rocky African Clothing

We've once talked about the Over The Knee Boots (OTK Boots) here on the Blog sometime ago on how it plays a major role in the look every woman once you build the courage to slay in it. Last week Manchester based Nigerian fashion brand Rocky African Clothing presented it's outfits on the runways of the prestigious Manchester Ankara Carnival and Awards where they were awarded and given the recognition of
the best emerging Nigerian designer of 2017.

One of the looks featured on the runway by Rocky African Clothing which totally caught our eye was that of the Makosi African inspired dress which happens to be short and over sized. What we love most about the dress is it's over sized design with details of ties by both sides of the dress and the finishing touches of essential details on the sleeves with cuffs.

The fashion brand went down to stating the perfect shoe which will give the dress a total rock star like look by deciding to style the model in a laced up OTK boot which simply nailed the look completely. One good thing about OTK boots is that, it helps in covering the exposure caused by short dresses or skirts and still makes your final appearance super sexy. So, if you think you're too short and that the dress might not fit you
properly we suggest you go for one of this type of boots for it sort of elongates your legs and makes styling a lot more easier but be sure to pick a boot that goes above your knees.

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