'Walking the Paris fashion week is my dream modeling job' Tsegbemi Emmanuel tells Elegance IQ in an Exclusive Interview

Fast rising Nigerian model, 'Okotie-yesin Tsegbemi Emmanuel' gives Elegance IQ a tour through his personal life and career as a model. The 6'3ft tall model who was born and raised in Delta state explains the ups and downs of being a model in this part if the world and also his dreams and aspirations of walking the Paris fashion week. 

Elegance IQ: First off tell us about yourself and your background.
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: Well my full name is Okotie-yesin Tsegbemi Emmanuel, am the first child/son, 20 years of age, was born and raised in warri delta state Nigeria, I have a little sister and a little brother, my mom is late. She passed away in July 6th 2013 few months after I graduated from secondary school, my dad is alive and healthy all thanks to God almighty, I come from a Christian home.

Elegance IQ: Tell us how you were discovered and how your modelling career all started.
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: Well I started modeling late 2013 in Ghana where I school, I knew nothing about modeling then, I was signed to an agency in Ghana, I worked with the agency for about a year and they groomed me, after which i became a freelancer for quite a while. In 2016 I was signed to Zane model management, which my contract expired early April 2017.

Elegance IQ: Do you have any role models? If yes, please mention them.
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: Yes, my mom, tho she wasn't a model but I admired her hard work how well she could fight for what she wants and get it and how far she came.

Elegance IQ: What was your favorite shoot so far? 
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: Ermm I can't really pick cause I actually appreciate all the works I have done, but If am to pick I will say my second shoot ever I did at the beach like I was soaking wet that day, I remember trying to get this pose right and the wave kept hitting me hard and I was like so scared the water will carry me away cause of the marine spirit stories I used to hear when I was small lol, that was like my second shoot I was just so frustrated that day not getting that particular pose.

Elegance IQ: What do you love most about modeling?  
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: The behind the scenes action The whole makeup, dress fittings, shooting, then that feeling when I am about to go on the runway, I feel all important and all celeb like "yeah that's me right there".

Elegance IQ: Are single or seeing/dating someone at the moment? 
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: I am young and having fun.

Elegance IQ: What's your dream modeling job? 
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: Walking Paris fashion week.

Elegance IQ: What are some of your best tips for someone who wants to break into the modeling world? 
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: Be ready to be disappointed a lot, but don't feel bad or give up, just keep pushing and you will get it.

Elegance IQ: What's the best and worst thing about being a model? 
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: The best thing to me is the fact that you look so good, you feel really confident about yourself, your body, everything and you get to learn a lot about packaging, cause basically you are like a brand. The worst thing to me is when you go for casting sometimes and the judges don't even pay attention to you and then give unfair judgement, they later pick the people they know, so why call for a casting if you keep using the same faces every single time.

Elegance IQ: What newbie mistakes did you make when you first started modeling?
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: I made a lot of mistakes I can't even count but I learnt from my mistakes and I choose not to remember them but move forward.

Elegance IQ: Any up coming projects you're working on? 
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: Yes, I can't really say much for now but yes SOMETHING IS COMING.

Elegance IQ: What's your favorite men's cologne? 
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: Tom Ford.

Elegance IQ: How would you describe your personal style? 
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: Simple but classy.

Elegance IQ: Do you have any hidden talents? If yes, please tell us.- 
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: Ermm I use to sing in the choir when I was in secondary school.

Elegance IQ: Do you get to travel a lot for your work? If so, what's your favorite city that you've visited?
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: Yes and my favorite city for now is Lagos, that's like the hustling ground lol.

Elegance IQ: Is modeling an easy job or more strenuous than people realize? Tsegbemi Emmanuel: It's not easy, you have to work out, watch what you eat and that's
really hard for me especially cause I love food lol, the castings,
go-sees, so many other things.


Elegance IQ: Do you have any interests besides modeling? 
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: Event management, interior decoration.

Elegance IQ: Favorite movie? 
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: Not a fan of movies rather just listen to music and dance.

Elegance IQ: If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what
would it be? 

 Tsegbemi Emmanuel: Fried rice with shredded beef, with a little salad and yogurt, I Love me my yogurt.

Elegance IQ: Five things you can't live without- 
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: God, my phone, talking to my sister cause she reminds me of my mom, food, being free.

Elegance IQ: Finally, five words that sum you up. 
Tsegbemi Emmanuel: Funny, dramatic, sometimes rude, emotional, BLUNT.


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