Confessions of a shy and lonely young man

I'm a very shy kind of person, so walking up to meet a girl who seems to be very lovely to me can be quite daunting and I've had to pay for this should I say flaw of mine severely with loneliness and sadness all my life. I've met an uncountable number of girls I would have loved to spend quality time with and build a special relationship with, but this fear of mine won't ever let me shine. 

I've been lucky a number of times with girls who someway or the other like me personally and I sense they want to be with me in a way, but my fear won't let me lift my lips to tell them I feel the way out of fear of loosing them if what I utter happens to be different from what they wanted. So I best keep my side of emotions to my self so I can best enjoy the little friendship I have within my grip. Even if a girl loves you or happens to be the one to fall for a guy first, you can never find 90% of them expressing their feelings to a young lonely young man like me, so it's best i enjoy my time alone and hope someone runs along to save me from this crazy state. 

I know most of you who seem to be real close to me will be wondering if what I'm stating is true or not because you mostly find me playing and spending time with females all the time, but I only do that just so as to keep my mind away from these things and also because there is nothing I can do to make one of them mine. 

I think I've said way too much. Have a blessed day people, until next time. 


  1. Hey Uche🙋
    I enjoyed this post. Dont let your fear get in the way of things, its better to speak up nd know. Than not say anything and keep living asking yourself "what if" fake it till you make it. Last last, she'll just laugh😏

  2. Shy ke?? I didn't see you as someone who is Oo.. But like they say.. "them nor dey write am for face "

    I used to be the same, keeping all emotions to myself... Still am, but a tiny bit opened Now.

    Last last just be yourself....

    I enjoyed this.. First time I'm opening your link🙈🙈


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