Fashion: Moroks Xpression Unviels SS18 Collection 'Moroks Expression'

It is said that a man is never well dressed without a pair of good shiny shoes on to match his outfit. We collaborated with Nigerian bespoke men’s wear brand ‘Moroks Xpression’ upon the release of their SS18 shoe collection titled “Moroks Expression” specially designed for every man who truly appreciates and values a stylish pair shoes. This collection features various works of shoe materials from leather to native contemporary African fabrics.

Our favorite look from the collection happens to be that of the contemporary fabric called “Aso Ofi” or “Aso Oke” as it is popularly called and it originates from the ancient town of ‘Iseyin’ in Oyo state. The fabric is known to be used for various important functions such as naming ceremonies, traditional weddings, coronations amongst other prestigious events.

This collections simply shows how creative the brand “Moroks Expression” is and how they’re trying to promote the African culture through their bespoke designs and patterns. The collection is ready to be purchased via their website or reach out to them via Instagram Direct Message “MoroksXpression”.