Ric Hassani, lord of Ankara Print Fabrics

Ric Hassani, the lord of Ankara print fabrics as I like to call him, is one exquisitely stylish man I respect for his taste in contemporary African clothing. 

I've come across an uncountable number of photos of him either wearing a simple Ankara fabric shirt in combination with nicely tailored pants and he still pulls out that contemporary stylish man look with fabulous shoes or simply on to match Ankara print fabric jacket, white shirt and pants to match. 

The most amazing thing about this gentleman is that he never wears belts but you will never notice simply because each of his clothing s are well detailed from head to toe.

Trust me he always looks classy in all his outfits for there's a strange gracefulness and confidence about him every time he puts on something new. 

If you're waiting to see Ric under dressed, I guess you're in for long term of waiting. He blends all his looks with that fire beard and his medicated glasses and crowns it all with his confidence.

I'm sure gonna try copying one or two of his styles for he inspires me a lot.