Travel: Why You Should Come Along To The Bloggers Advocate's Blogger's Day Out Trip To Lekki Conservation Center

The month of September is running by with some sort of full force but I'm not so bothered about it because I'm looking forward to The Bloggers Advocate's "Bloggers Day Out" trip to the popular Lekki Conservation Center scheduled for the 1st of October.

I've been paying so much attention to "The Bloggers Advocate's" Instagram feed for more information on the trip and all i found out about it gave me more reasons to want to go on this trip with them.   
The trip which costs 7,500 only covers entry ticket into the lekki conservation center, long canopy walk ticket and to burst your brain even more, your to and fro transportation to the center.
Doesn't it just sound amazing?

Did I mention that you will be having brunch as well as a lot of mouthwatering snacks to eat and also fantastic drinks while exploring the beautiful natural environment of the conservation center while you explore the jungle like place.

To join the bloggers advocate team on this once in a lifetime trip, all you need do is to simply email them to get an early bird ticket of  6,500 only.
 Oh, I forgot to mention that you will be leaving with goody bags containing amazing goodies from the sponsors of this trip. You just don't want to miss out on this.

P.S: This trip is open bloggers and non-bloggers as well. Tell your friends to tell their friends, because limited are left.